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Delicious World

A Delicious World

Looking for pizza with different flavors? Pizza World, a new player in the food industry, offers different pizza flavors from around the world, giving people with different preferences many options.

“Our menu is divided into World’s Best and All-Time Favorites. These are our own recipes, each of our pizza has a unique flavor,” says half-Persian, half-Filipino dental doctors Farzaneh Shamsi, co-founder of Pizza World.

World’s Best flavors include the Pizza World Special, Persian Pizza High on Mushroom, Greek Pizza, Six Cheese, Texas Ranch and Absolute Pizza. All-Time Favorites are the classic pizzas like Pepperoni, Hawaiian and Cheeseburger, but each has a unique twist.

Pizza World takes pride that its pizza crusts are hand-stretched and baked in charcoal fire brick ovens, using only the freshest ingredients. Imported meat is used and all vegetables are fresh and locally produced. It does not use canned vegetables. All the toppings and dough are freshly prepared every morning.

“What makes our pizza different from others is our hand-stretched crust. Our crust is thin but still chewy. It is airy and full of holes, because it’s been hand-stretched and not flattened by a machine. This process allows gas expansion during baking, which results in a bread-like texture with more oven spring, blistering and variations of color and texture,” explains other half of the duo, Dr. Shahideh Nikbin.

It’s not just the charcoal that adds to the flavor of the pizza. Brick ovens can go way hotter than the commercial gas or electric ovens, hence less cooking time. The pizza is placed directly on top of a pizza stone which stays hot all throughout the day, resulting in a crust that is crunchy on the outside but with an inner softness like bread.

“Aside from pizza, we have appetizers like buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, Hungarian sausages and fries. For pasta, we have spaghetti special, chicken pesto and ham carbonara, we also offer rice meals with Mediterranean flavors: beef kabab and chicken fillet,” shares Dr. Far.

Pizza World is Dr. Far and Dr. Shideh’s first food business.

The founders of Fashion Smile Dental Spa and Aramesh Persian Spa chose to go into the food business, pizza in particular, because they believe the Philippines has room for better and more flavorful pizza, plus it is their favorite food.

Next year, Pizza World may see more branches that are more accessible to their pizza-loving customers in different locations in the country.

Pizza World is located along 9677 Kamagong Street near corner Chino Roces, Makati City.

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