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Pizza World

About Us


Our Mission and Vision Create moments with quality pizza, one tummy at a time.

Our Journey towards finding (making) the world’s best pizza….

Dr. Far and Dr. Shideh are friends from Persia (now known as Iran). In the year 2000, they travelled thousands of miles going to the Philippines to pursue their dream of becoming dentists. As they were studying they have gained a lot of friends, both Filipinos and Persians.

As Persians, they really have an eye (or taste buds for this matter ;-)) for quality food especially when it comes to bread and PIZZA – their favorite! And so it begins, their search for the best pizza in the Philippines started. They have jumped from one pizza parlor to another, tasted the best that these restaurants can offer, but there still something missing L … They know for a fact that there’s has to be MORE! There is a NEED for a BETTER PIZZA…

Then a bright idea flashed from afar J Since Dr. Far has this passion for cooking, why not try to make a pizza of their own? She tried to gain knowledge through studying and practicing, inviting friends over to taste her creations. There may have been a flaws at the start, but because of her PASSION and the SUPPORT of their LOVING friends, who were vocal about what needs to be improved, what tastes really good, then PIZZA became their bonding moment’s MAIN COURSE. So their home became the MOST LOVED hang out place of their friends… there they share the pizza made with love by Dr. Far. And so it goes, they have hosted one gathering from another, their number of friends became bigger, that their space at home is no longer enough… they needed a bigger place to chat, to eat, to have fun and just be themselves.


Natural entrepreneurs as they were, they thought of putting up a pizza place. Their love for PIZZA and FRIENDS will be housed in this business venture called “PIZZA WORLD”. By the year 2015, they have started experimenting on their own pizza dough. And through further studies and trials, they have learned to love the Neapolitan style pizza – cooked in high fire.

In November 14, 2015, they opened to the public, PIZZA WORLD. They have wanted to share their “rejuvenating” experience, gathering friends in one place and sharing their love for pizza. All ingredients are made fresh every day, no canned nor processed goods, they make their own from the dough to the toppings. In PIZZA WORLD everything is FRESH, DELICIOUSLY made with a HEART… They have three types of sauces: red (which includes Italian and Persian), pesto and white – these sauces makes their pizza become more special and mouth-watering…

At the moment, they only have one branch which is in Makati, but they have plans to expand and have more PIZZArific branches.

The Owners





Pizza World was founded by two beautiful and young Persian friends who loves pizza that much: Dr. Farzaneh J. Shamsi, CEO and Dr. Shanideh L. Nikbin, CFO.

Dr. Far and Dr. Shideh, as called by their friends and clients, are professional dentists andfounders of Fashion Smile Dental Spa and Aramesh Persian Spa also located in Makati City.