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It’s both a familiar and different world for half-Persian half-Filipino dental doctors Farzaneh Shamsi and Shahideh Nikbin, as they open their first food business — Pizza World.

It’s a familiar world because the two have always had an entrepreneurial mindset. Dr. Far does not know where she gets her knack for business, but says she was very interested in business growing up.

“During my college years, I farther researched and gathered more information to be knowledgeable enough in this field.

Dr. Shideh got inspiration from her dad, who used to bring her along o his meetings and projects, discussed business ideas with her and explained to her how business works.

“My dad supported every dream I had,” she shares.

The founders of Fashion Smile Dental Spa and Aramesh Persian Spa chose to go into food business, pizza in particular, because they believe the Philippines has room for better and more flavorful pizzas, plus pizza is their favorite food.

Dr. Far has always been passionate about cooking. She loves creating and playing around with recipes. Dr. Shideh, on the other hand, likes building things from scratch and bringing dreams into reality.

Right now, Pizza World takes a big chunk of their tie, but they believe that through proper training and management, it will soon operate on its own. Besides, their own families have joined them in the pizza business, making the venture a team effort.

Doctors Far and Shideh chose the name Pizza World because thy offer lots of different flavors from the world, giving people with different preferences many options.

Next year, Pizza World may see more ranches that are more accessible to their pizza-loving customers who are in different locations in the country.

Pizza World is located at #9677 Kamagong Street, near corner Chino Roces, Makati City.

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