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Pizza World

World’s yummiest dough

Pizza makers put on the pie a variety of toppings — pepperoni, ham, beef, pineapple, cheese, anchovies, tomato sauce, and many others — but in Pizza World, it’s the dough that’s oh-so-special.

One of the uniqueness of Pizza World is its yummy dough, which is not thick and not thin, handmade and made of wheat.

“Our dough is not just delicious but also healthy,” says co-founder Dr. Farzaneh Shamsi.

“Since we are in medical field, it was important for us to create pizza that not only tastes good but is also healthy, so we thought of the wheat dough pizza breading,” explains the other founder Dr. Shahideh Nikbin.

A diet high in wheat has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Moreover, many of the nutrients and minerals found in whole wheat bread have been found to promote healthy heart function. Whole wheat can help strengthen the immune system and fight many other medical conditions from cancer prevention and improving cardiovascular health to reducing the risk of diabetes and protecting the body from free radicals.

Wheat provides almost triple the amount of fiber as white bread. Diets high in fiber are essential to warding off digestive problems and can significantly reduce the risk of developing colon cancer.

Pizza World’s bestseller is the Special Pizza with its ingredients: Hungarian sausage, assorted hams, bell peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella and Gouda cheese.

The best of the world is also here: Greek Pizza has shitake mushroom, spinach, feta cheese, and mozzarella cheese; the Persian Pizza is made of Persian sauce, beef, button mushrooms, bell pepper, onions and mozzarella cheese; and Texas Ranch has garlic, chicken, bacon, and parmesan and mozzarella cheese.

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